Change Boot Mode

How to change boot mode between ZTP and standard
Some firewalls boot into Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) mode by default. No input is required during startup if opting for a ZTP configuration. If you are deploying a non-ZTP (standard) firewall, you must access the CLI to exit ZTP mode.
You must have the ZTP plugin installed on your Panorama management server to access ZTP functionality.
  1. After powering on the firewall, use a terminal emulator such as PuTTY to watch for the following CLI prompt:
    Do you want to exit ZTP mode and configure your firewall in standard mode (yes/no)[no]?
    . The system then asks you to confirm. Enter
    again to boot the firewall in standard mode.
  2. (
    If you miss the above CLI prompt
    ) You can also change your boot mode using the web interface. Go to the firewall login screen at any point before or during the startup process. A prompt asks if you want to continue booting in ZTP mode or if you want to switch to standard mode. Select
    Standard Mode
    and the firewall begins rebooting in standard mode.
  3. Set up the firewall manually if using standard mode. If using ZTP mode, the device group and template configuration defined on the Panorama management server are automatically pushed to the firewall by the ZTP service.
    • (
      Standard mode
      ) Change the IP address on your computer to an address in the network, such as From a web browser, go to When prompted, log in to the web interface using the default username and password (admin/admin).
    • (
      ZTP mode
      ) Follow the instructions provided by your Panorama administrator to register your ZTP firewall. You must enter the serial number (12-digit number identified as S/N) and claim key (8-digit number). These numbers are on stickers attached to the back of the device.

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