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Advanced Routing

Introduction to Advanced Routing and supported firewall models.
10.2 provides an Advanced Routing Engine that allows the firewall to scale and provide stable, high-performing, and highly available routing functions to large data centers, ISPs, enterprises, and cloud users. The Advanced Routing Engine simplifies operations with a standards-based configuration, which reduces your learning curve since it is similar to that of other router vendors. Protocol configuration profiles and a granular filtering profile work across multiple logical routers and virtual systems. Route redistribution is simplified with a redistribution profile. BGP peer groups and peers can inherit configuration to make BGP more agile.
The Advanced Routing Engine supports static routes, BGP, MP-BGP, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIPv2, IPv4 multicast routing, BFD, redistribution, route filtering into the RIB, access lists, prefix lists, and route maps.
Use the Advanced Routing Engine Migration Reference to plan your migration from the legacy routing engine and to see the differences between the legacy and advanced routing engines and the exceptions.
The following models support the Advanced Routing Engine:
  • PA-7000 Series
  • PA-5400 Series
  • PA-5200 Series
  • PA-3400 Series
  • PA-3200 Series
  • PA-400 Series
  • VM-Series
  • M-700 appliance
  • M-600 appliance
  • M-500 appliance
  • M-300 appliance
  • M-200 appliance
Learn about advanced routing profiles and perform the following tasks to configure advanced routing:

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