Panorama Plugin for GCP 2.0.0

The Panorama plugin for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helps you configure a connection from Panorama to a GCP project and VMs deployed within it. You can use the web interface to globally enable monitoring for VMs in a GCP project, configure VM monitoring for a GCP project, and configure connections to VMs in auto scaling deployments.
After you establish a connection, the plugin can retrieve predefined or user-defined metadata (user-defined labels for VMs, and user-defined network tags), or retrieve the port numbers for the publicly exposed services.
After a successful VM monitoring configuration, Panorama periodically gathers information from managed VMs, pushing updated IP-to-tag mappings to notification groups. You can retrieve tags and ingress information from managed devices in your GCP project and use that data to dynamically program security Policy rules.
An auto scaling deployment created with the v1.0 auto scaling templates includes VM-Series firewalls and networks that can be used to secure applications in GCP load balancing deployments or Kubernetes deployments. After a successful auto scaling configuration, Panorama can leverage auto scale metrics to automatically scale your VM-Series firewalls to accommodate surges in demand for application workload resources or to eliminate underused resources and manage and maintain VM-Series firewalls securing your GCP auto scaling deployment.
Before you begin, make sure you review the following information:

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