First Look at Insights in Prisma Access

Prisma Access gives you a way to continuously monitor your Prisma Access environment. When an event or status requires your attention, Prisma Access sends you alert notifications so you can quickly pinpoint issues that you can fix. It also gives you the visibility into the fixes that the Prisma Access team is working on.

Prisma Access Insights Overview

Prisma Access
displays a bird’s-eye view of your environment:
Multiple dashboards give you focused views of your different deployments, your alerts, and the Prisma Access infrastructure.
Filter the data that you want to see by selecting or setting a time range. See the Time Range selection filter for details on setting a time range.
In all dashboards that show Mobile Users data, the
Connect Method
filter allows you to select whether you want to see the data only for users using GlobalProtect to connect to Prisma Access or only the data for users using Explicit Proxy, or data for both.
You can adjust and toggle your view to evaluate trends over time or examine data from a different angle. Drill down for details on specific users, sites, connections, or Prisma Access infrastructure components.

Alerts and Notification Profiles Overview

Select the
icon to see
Prisma Access Alerts
Notification Profiles
Go to Insights to start monitoring your Prisma Access.

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