Prepare the ESXi Host for the VM-Series Firewall

Before you deploy the VM-Series firewall, each host in the cluster must have the necessary NSX-V components that allow the NSX-V firewall and the VM-Series firewall to work together. The NSX-V Manager will install the components— the Ethernet Adapter Module (.eam) and the SDK —required to deploy the VM-Series firewall.
  1. On the NSX-V Manager, select
    Networking and Security
    Host Preparation
  2. Click
    and verify that the installation status is successful.
    As new ESXi hosts are added to a cluster, this process is automated and the necessary NSX-V components are automatically installed on each guest on the ESXi host.
  3. If the Installation Status is not ready or a warning displays on screen, click the
    link. To monitor the progress of the re-installation attempt, click the
    More Tasks
    link and look for the successful completion of the following tasks:

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