Associate the Cloud Identity Engine During Activation

Learn how to associate the Cloud Identity Engine with other Palo Alto Networks apps during instance activation.
  1. Using your Auth Code, activate the Palo Alto Networks cloud app you want to associate with the Cloud Identity Engine instance.
  2. Enter the information required to activate the application, such as an
    Instance Name
    and a
    , which will vary depending on the app.
  3. Select the
    Cloud Identity Engine
    instance you want to associate with the app.
    Only Cloud Identity Engine instances that are compatible with the Palo Alto Networks cloud application are displayed in the drop-down list. For example, a Cloud Identity Engine instance assigned to the US region would be compatible with another Palo Alto Networks cloud service app assigned to the US region. If the Cloud Identity Engine field is not available, the Palo Alto Networks cloud services app you selected does not support the Cloud Identity Engine.
  4. Agree and Activate
    the app.

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