Update the Cloud Identity Agent

If you are not using the latest version of the Cloud Identity agent, learn how to update to the latest available version.
Using the latest version of the agent is strongly recommended. If your Cloud Identity agent is not the latest version available, the Cloud Identity Engine app displays a notification.
Use the following procedure to update your Cloud Identity agent to the latest version.
When you upgrade the agent to version 1.7.0, it creates a backup of the existing agent configuration before removing the deprecated version of the agent. During installation of the new version of the agent, the existing configuration is automatically restored.
  1. Stop the connection to the Cloud Identity Engine service.
    You must stop the connection between the agent and the service before you can update the agent. Check
    Agents & Certificates
    in the Cloud Identity Engine app to confirm the agent’s status.
  2. Uninstall the outdated agent from the host (
    Control Panel
    Programs and Features
    Cloud Identity Agent
    You must uninstall the outdated agent from the host before installing the latest version of the agent.
  3. Log in to the hub and select the Cloud Identity Engine app.
  4. Select your Cloud Identity Engine tenant (if you have more than one) then select
    Agents & Certificate
  5. Click
    Download New Agent
    , then Install the Cloud Identity Agent.

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