Create Cloud Identity Engine Instances

Learn how to use instances to isolate directory data or to allow apps to access different directory data.
If you want to isolate your directory data, or allow different Palo Alto Networks cloud applications and services to access different sets of directory data, you can create multiple Cloud Identity Engine instances in the hub.
  1. Log in to the hub.
  2. Click
    ( ) in the upper right corner of the page then select
    Manage Apps
    and click
    Add Instance
  3. Configure the instance.
    1. Select the
      Company Account
      for the instance.
    2. Specify an
      to identify the instance.
    3. (Optional)
      Enter a
      to provide more information about the Cloud Identity Engine instance (for example, details about the instance’s purpose).
    4. Select a
      (On-premises Active Directory only)
      The region you select must correspond with the region info you enter for the
      Cloud Identity Engine
      in the Cloud Identity Configuration when you Configure the Cloud Identity Agent.
    5. Agree to the
  4. Click
    Agree & Activate
    to create the instance.

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