Use the Log Viewer for Troubleshooting

Learn how to check the Log Viewer for information that you can use to troubleshoot authentication issues with the Cloud Identity Engine.
To troubleshoot authentication issues with identity providers or the firewall, use the Log Viewer to review messages to the log.
  1. In the Cloud Identity Engine app, select
    Log Viewer
  2. Use the calendar selector to define the
    Start time
    End time
    to search based on when the issue occurred.
    1. To specify a time in hours,
      select time
      and select the start time and end time (in 24-hour format).
    2. Click
  3. Select the number of results you want to display per page.
  4. Select whether you want to display the results in order of
    Newest first
    Newest last
  5. Select profile
    to restrict the search results to a specific Identity Provider (IdP) profile.
  6. Select the status you want to use to order the results (
    All Status
    , or
  7. To
    Search by keyword
    , enter a search term and
  8. Review the results to look for entries that indicate issues.
  9. (Optional)
    the results as a .CSV file.

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