Cloud NGFW for AWS Known Issues

The following known issues have been identified in the Cloud NGFW for AWS.
Cloud NGFW allows you to use an S3 bucket as a logging destination for the NGFW resources. In AWS regions outside the US, Cloud NGFW expects you to use the S3 buckets created in the same AWS region, where you deploy the NGFW resources.
When you onboard an AWS account to your Cloud NGFW tenant, you choose one of these two endpoint creation modes - customer-managed vs. service-managed. Cloud NGFW will not allow you to switch modes after completing the account onboarding process.
Cloud NGFW uses the native AWS Route 53 Resolver for resolving FQDNs you configure in your rules. When used, the AWS Route 53 Resolver may resolve an FQDN to an IP address, different than what you may see when you use the Route 53 Resolver in your VPCs.

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