Create and View NGFW Endpoints

If you selected customer-managed mode when creating an NGFW, you must manually create the NGFW endpoints for your chosen subnets. In the AWS console, NGFW endpoints appear as gateway load balancer endpoints.
The subnets where you attach NGFW endpoints must be in the VPC you specified during NGFW creation.
  1. From the Cloud NGFW tenant, select
    and click on your firewall.
  2. Select
    and note the VPC Endpoint Service Name.
  3. Log in to the AWS console.
  4. Select
    Networking & Content Delivery
  5. From the VPC Dashboard, select
    Create Endpoint
  6. Select
    Find service by name
    that corresponds to the VPC Endpoint Service Name you noted above.
  7. Select the
    you specified during firewall creation from the drop-down.
  8. Select the subnets where you want to create NGFW endpoints.
  9. Click
    Create endpoint

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