Cloud NGFW for AWS Pricing

Cloud NGFW is available as a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) subscription in the AWS Marketplace. With this model, you pay only for what you use each month, with all charges consolidated on the invoice you receive from AWS. You also enjoy the AWS marketplace benefits such as consolidated billing, Amazon Web Services Enterprise Discount Program (EDP).
Additionally, you can subscribe to Cloud NGFW for AWS with a long-term SaaS contract of one, two, or three years. SaaS contracts are funded using Cloud NGFW for AWS Credits. Using the AWS Marketplace, you can set up your Cloud NGFW SaaS contract while taking advantage of Marketplace benefits such as consolidated billing, AWS EDP, and automated or configurable renewals. Cloud NGFW for AWS Credits allow you to consume Cloud NGFW resource in your tenant at a lower cost up to a specific capacity until your contract expires while retaining the ability to expand your Cloud NGFW consumption at anytime. Creating a SaaS contract requires a PAYG subscription first and you can convert that PAYG to a contract at any time. If you currently have a PAYG SaaS subscription, you can add Cloud NGFW for AWS Credits to your Cloud NGFW tenant while maintaining your current Cloud NGFW resources and without disrupting Cloud NGFW operations. See Subscribe to Cloud NGFW for AWS to learn how to convert your subscription to a SaaS contract.
When configuring your SaaS contract, you can configure it to renew automatically at the end of your contract term. If you choose not renew automatically, when your contract expires, you subscription changes back to a Cloud SaaS subscription. Upon expiration, your Cloud NGFW resources will continue working with no interruption in operation.
If you subscribe to a Cloud NGFW SaaS contract during a free-trial period, your contract starts immediately and overrides the free trial.
Cloud NGFW uses the AWS SaaS subscription pricing model with the
Category and
Dimensions, as shown below. This pricing model provides flexibility for pricing aggregate Cloud NGFW tenant usage based on the deployment hours of all NGFWs, how much traffic they secured, and how many security features they used every hour.
Use the Cloud NGFW for AWS pricing estimator to help you determine AWS pricing for your Cloud NGFW subscription.
Cloud NGFW consumption translate to Cloud NGFW for AWS Credits as described in the following table.
Cloud NGFW SaaS Subscription
Equivalent Cloud NGFW for AWS Credits
Base Firewall Usage Hours
(1 unit = 1 usage hour per AZ)
Traffic Secured
(1 unit = 1 GB secured)
Threat Prevention Usage Hours
(1 unit = 1 usage hour per AZ)
Advanced URL Filtering Usage Hours
(1 unit = 1 usage hour per AZ)
Premium Support
(1 unit = 18% of total usage hour consumption)
18 to 27
(based on your Threat Prevention and URL Filtering configuration)
Cloud NGFW Overages

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