Add a Certificate to Cloud NGFW for AWS

Learn how to add a certificate to the Cloud NGFW for AWS.
Cloud NGFW uses certificates to access an intelligent feed and to enable inbound and outbound decryption. These certificates are stored in the AWS Secrets Manager.
There are three type of certificates used in a typical deployment.
  • Intermediate CA Certificate (CA Certificate)
    —A Certificate Authority (CA) is a trusted organization that issues SSL certificates. These digital certificates are files used to link an entity to a public key. Web browsers use these certificates to authenticate content sent from web servers. Web browsers normally come with lists of CAs that they implicitly trust to identify hosts. The purpose of CA is to verify the authenticity of the website, domain, or organizations.
  • Server Certificate
    —A certificate associated with a specific domain name. If a website has a valid certificate, it means that a certificate authority has taken steps to verify that the web address actually belongs to that organization. When you type a URL your browser checks the certificate to make sure that the website address matches the address on the certificate. It also makes sure the certificate is signed by a trusted certificate authority.
    You may occasionally connect to a server with an untrusted certificate. Cloud NGFW for AWS will drop the connection as if the server terminated the connection.
  • Root CA Certificate
    —A certificate authority can issue multiple certificates in the form of a tree structure. A root certificate is the top-most certificate of the tree.
When adding certificate to the AWS Secrets Manager for use with Cloud NGFW, the following prerequisites must be met.
  • Certificate added as a key/value pair, with two keys—
    . For the private key, the value should be the actual key and, for the public-key, the value should be the actual certificate body.
  • A tag with the key
    and value of
  • You must import the Root CA certificate and Intermediate CA certificate(s) to trust store of the client.
  • If you are using end-entity certificates for decrypting traffic, only the end-entity certificates (both private and public keys) must be stored in the AWS Secrets Manager.
  • PKCS8 private key format is supported. PKCS1 private key format is not supported.
Supported PKCS format:
Unsupported PKCS1 format:
Complete the following procedure to add a certificate for use with Cloud NGFW for AWS.
  1. Add your certificate to the AWS Secrets Manager.
    1. Log in to the AWS console, navigate to the AWS Secrets Manager, and click
      Store a new secret
    2. Select
      Other type of secret
    3. Under
      Key/value pairs
      , create a key called
      and another called
    4. Paste your entire private key and entire public key in the corresponding field.
    5. Click
    6. Enter a descriptive
      Secret Name
    7. Add a tag with the Key
      and Value
    8. Click
      again, and
      to finishing adding your certificate.
  2. Select
    and select a previously-created rulestack on which to configure a certificate.
  3. Select
    Certificate List
    Add Certificate
  4. Enter a descriptive
    for your certificate.
  5. (
    ) Enter a description for your certificate.
  6. Select certificate.
    • Enter the
      Certificate ARN
      if you want Cloud NGFW to download the certificate from AWS Secrets Manager.
    • Check
      Self Signed Certificate
      if you want Cloud NGFW to create a self-signed certificate.
  7. Click

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