: User Roles for Cortex Data Lake

User Roles for Cortex Data Lake

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User Roles for
Cortex Data Lake

Learn about
Cortex Data Lake
user roles.
The way that you assign roles for
Cortex Data Lake
depends on the status of your transition to the Prisma™ SASE Platform.
Newly Activated
Transitioned to a Tenant Service Group
If you activated
Cortex Data Lake
Prisma Access
or another product after August 2022, then you're using Identity & Access on the Prisma SASE Platform for license and role management. Rather than read this topic any further, go to Common Services: Identity & Access to see how to manage roles with Prisma SASE.
Was your
Cortex Data Lake
instance recently transitioned to a tenant service group (TSG)? If so, there's a new way to manage administrator roles and access using Identity & Access. To learn more, see Common Services: Identity & Access
Did you activate
Cortex Data Lake
before August 2022? You should have already received information about the transition of your
Cortex Data Lake
instance. You'll receive an email when it's time for you to transition. Until your transition is complete, continue to manage roles using the information below.
Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to assign privileges and access rights to administrative users through role assignment. You create user accounts in the Customer Support Portal (CSP), assign them roles in the hub, and limit the data and functionality they can access by site in the
Cortex Data Lake
Cortex Data Lake
supports the following user roles:
  • App Administrator
  • Instance Administrator
  • Log Viewer Admin
The App Administrator and Instance Administrator are common roles that are available to every Palo Alto Networks app. To learn more about them, see Available Roles.
The only user role specifically for
Cortex Data Lake
is Log Viewer Admin.
User Role
Role Definition
Access Control
Log Viewer Admin
Can only view and export data in the
tab of the app.
  • View the
  • Filter logs using queries.
  • Export log data.

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