PA-5400 Series Firewall Rack Install Safety Information

Follow these important safety precautions before moving, racking, or installing the PA-5400 Series firewall.
Read the following information before you proceed with a PA-5400 Series Firewall Equipment Rack Installation.
  • Elevated ambient operating temperature—If the PA-5400 Series firewall is installed in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the ambient operating temperature of the rack environment may be greater than the ambient room temperature. Verify that the ambient temperature of the rack assembly does not exceed the maximum rated ambient temperature requirements listed in PA-5400 Series Firewall Environmental Specifications.
  • Reduced airflow—Ensure that the airflow required for safe operation is not compromised by the rack installation.
  • Mechanical loading—Ensure that the rack-mounted firewall does not cause hazardous conditions due to uneven mechanical loading.
  • Circuit overloading—Ensure that the circuit that supplies power to the firewall is sufficiently rated to avoid circuit overloading or excess load on supply wiring. See PA-5400 Series Firewall Electrical Specifications.
  • Reliable earthing—Maintain reliable earthing of rack-mounted equipment. Pay special attention to power connections other than direct connections to the branch circuit (such as use of power strips or extension cords) to ensure that the firewall does not exceed power ratings for connected hardware.

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