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PA-5450 Back Panel

Learn about the components located on the back of the PA-5450 firewall.
The following image shows the back panel of the PA-5450 firewall (with two AC power supplies installed) and the table describes each back panel component.
Ground stud
Two-post stud used to ground the appliance to earth ground. Use the provided 6 AWG two‑post ground lug to connect a grounded cable (not included) to the two‑post stud.
Fan Assemblies
Provide the appliance with cooling and ventilation. There are four dual-rotor fan assemblies that can be individually replaced.
For information on replacing or installing a fan, see Replace a PA-5450 Fan Assembly.
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) port
Provides a grounding point that you use when removing or installing appliance components. Secure the provided wrist strap end of the ESD strap around your wrist and plug the other end into the ESD port.
Power Supplies
Provide AC or DC power to the appliance. A minimum of two power supplies is required, while additional power supplies can be used to provide redundancy.
For information on connecting power to the appliance, see Connect Power to a PA-5400 Series Firewall.
To view system firmware versions, use the following CLI command:
show chassis firmware

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