PA-5450 Front Panel

Learn about the components located on the front of the PA-5450 firewall.
The following image shows the front panel of the PA-5450 firewall and the table describes each front panel component.
Networking Cards (NC)
Provides network connectivity. An NC must be installed in slot 1. A second, optional NC can be installed in slot 2 as shown in the image.
Data Processor Cards (DPC)
Provides processing power to the appliance. Up to five DPCs can be installed in the appliance in slots 2 through 6. If a second NC is installed in slot 2, then up to four DPCs can be installed in the appliance instead.
Blank Panel
Serves as a cover for empty slots in order to help the appliance maintain system air flow.
Management Processor Card (MPC)
Provides management, logging, and high availability capabilities. The MPC is a mandatory front card that is installed in slot 7.
Front Mounting Flange
The two front mounting flanges are fastened to an equipment rack when mounting the firewall.
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) port
Provides a grounding point that you use when removing or installing appliance components. Secure the provided wrist strap end of the ESD strap around your wrist and plug the other end into the ESD port.
To view system firmware versions, use the following CLI command:
show chassis firmware

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