PA-5400 Series Firewall Networking Card (NC)

Learn about the PA-5400 Series Networking Card that enables the PA-5450 firewall to process network traffic.
Networking Cards (NCs) provide network connectivity for a PA-5450 firewall. To scale performance and capacity, you can install up to two NCs in a PA-5450 firewall.
When viewing the NCs from the web interface, the NCs are organized by slot and you click the icon to the left of the slot number to show the NC ports. The port numbering designation is Ethernet, followed by slot/port such as ethernet<slot>/<port>, where slot is the physical slot the card is installed in and the port is the interface port number. For example, the first Ethernet port on an NC installed in slot 1 shows ethernet1/1 and port 2 shows ethernet1/2. The first port on an NC installed in slot 2 shows ethernet2/1 and port 2 shows ethernet2/2. For information on installing the NC, see Install a PA-5400 Series Firewall Networking Card (NC).
On the PA-5450 firewall, you can install NCs in slots 1 and 2, but a minimum of one NC is required for the firewall to process network traffic. If installing in both slots, the maximum number of Data Processor Cards (DPCs) you can install is four. See PA-5400 Series Firewall Data Processor Card (DPC) for more information.
See Identify PA-5400 Series Port Activity and Link LEDs to learn how to interpret the NC port LEDs.
The PA-5450 firewall makes use of paired Logical Card Slots in order to direct processing power from a Data Processing Card (DPC) to a corresponding NC.
The following NC can be installed in a PA-5400 Series firewall:

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