Replace a PA-5400 Series Networking Card (NC)

Learn how to replace or troubleshoot a Networking Card in the PA-5400 Series firewall.
If a Networking Card (NC) fails, the card will reboot and attempt to recover. If the card does not recover, it will change to a down state. If there is only one functioning NC in the appliance and the NC fails after three recovery attempts, the firewall will reboot to attempt to recover the card.
You do not have to power off the firewall to install or remove NCs unless the device is in FIPS-CC mode. If the device is in FIPS-CC mode, you must power off the firewall before adding or replacing an NC, otherwise the device will boot into maintenance mode.
The following topics describe how to replace an NC and provides details on checking the card slot status as well as how to troubleshoot an NC.

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