Add a Static IP Device Configuration

Add static IP devices to IoT Security by manual configuring them.
Instead of uploading a CSV file with a list of static IP devices (see Upload a List of Static IP Devices), you can add them individually.
  1. Navigate to the User-defined Static IP Devices page (
    User-defined Static IP Devices
    ) and then click
    Manually add a static IP device
  2. Define a static IP device and then click
    IP Address
    : Enter the static IP address of the device you want to add to your inventory. The IP address is what IoT Security uses to track user-defined static IP devices.
    MAC Address (optional)
    : If you want, add the MAC address of the device in hexadecimal notation. IoT Security accepts any of the following MAC address formats:
    aa bb cc 00 11 22
    AA BB CC 00 11 22
    If the user-defined MAC address is different from the MAC address IoT Security detects on the network, the detected MAC address overrides the user-defined one. If IoT Security does not detect a MAC address, the user-defined MAC address appears on the Devices and Device Details pages.
    Vendor (optional)
    : Enter the vendor for this device.
    Model (optional)
    : Enter the device model.
    The vendor and model attributes provide extra information when referring to entries on the User-configured Static IP Devices page later. However, they do not appear on the Devices and Device Details pages.
  3. Click
    to add the configuration to IoT Security and then click
    to close the confirmation message that appears.
    After you add the static IP device, IoT Security initially treats it as “not found”. It incrementally increases the Total User-defined Static IP Devices counter by one and the Devices Not Found counter by one. And although it adds an entry for it to the User-defined Static IP Devices list, the Result column remains empty--there isn’t “matched”, indicating that IoT Security detected network activity for this IP address, or a dash, indicating that no such activity was detected.
    Because IoT Security periodically compares entries in the user-defined static IP devices list with those in its inventory and its internal database of detected IP addresses without accompanying MAC addresses, the page can remain in this initial state for several minutes.
    If a match is found, the Device Matches counter increases by one and the Devices Not Found counter decreases by one. Also, “matched” now appears in the Result column.
    If IoT Security does not find a match, it eventually displays a dash in the Result column.
    You might have to reload the User-defined Static IP Devices page to see the updated data.

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