IoT Security Integrations with Third-party Products

IoT Security can integrate with various third-party products.
After IoT Security identifies IoT devices on your network and discovers if they pose any security threats, it works with next-generation firewalls—and also with Prisma Access—to protect your devices and network. In addition, you can integrate IoT Security with third-party products to expand the use of their specific features to include IoT. For example, when a network access control (NAC) solution integrates with IoT Security, it can allow or deny network access to IoT devices whose identity it would otherwise be unaware of. IoT Security users can also send a NAC system or a wireless LAN controller commands to quarantine IoT devices that have vulnerabilities or for which there are security alerts. Sometimes an integration works in one direction with IoT Security sharing its device information with a third-party product, and sometimes it works the other way with IoT Security learning device information from a third-party product. Other integrations enhance IoT Security functionality, such as its integration with third-party vulnerability scanners.
There are two options for integrating IoT Security with third-party systems and a third option for integrating Cortex XSOAR with IoT Security through its API:
  • IoT Security public cloud with a cohosted, limited-featured Cortex XSOAR instance (requires the purchase of an IoT Security Third-party Integrations Add-on, which comes with an automatically generated, cohosted XSOAR instance at no extra charge)
    An IoT Security third-party integrations add-on does not require the purchase of a full Cortex XSOAR product. After you enable the add-on, IoT Security automatically generates a cloud-hosted XSOAR instance with limited functionality (in contrast to a full Cortex XSOAR product) to assist IoT Security with the integrations it supports.
  • IoT Security U.S. government cloud with an on-premises, full-featured Cortex XSOAR server (FedRAMP only)
  • Full-featured Cortex XSOAR instance with access to the IoT Security API
For information about the third-party integrations that IoT Security supports, see the IoT Security Integration Guide.

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