IoT Security Documentation

Palo Alto Networks provides various resources to help you lean about IoT Security.
Learn about the IoT Security technical documentation and training that’s available.

IoT Security Documentation Set

The following set of technical documents in the Palo Alto Networks Tech Docs portal constitute the primary documentation for IoT Security.
This reference recommends IoT Security best practices for the following main phases of deployment:
The administrator’s guide describes IoT Security features and explains how to configure and use them. Some chapters are about administering the IoT Security app:
Other chapters explain how to work with device- and security-related data:
This guide explains how to integrate IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR with third-party products. The guide provides configuration instructions for both sides of each integration. IoT Security supports integration with the following types of systems:
his reference provides explanations and examples of the IoT Security API and is divided into two parts: commonly used parameters and individual API requests and responses.

Useful Learning Resources

Palo Alto Networks also offers these resources to learn about IoT Security.
PAN-OS documentation describes how Device-ID works, how to prepare for its deployment, and how to configure and manage it. It also includes useful CLI commands for troubleshooting.
This document captures typical deployment scenarios and recommendations for IoT Security.
This guide is intended for solution architects and engineers and provides architectural guidance for deploying the IoT Security solution.
The privacy statement contains information about how the IoT Security solution captures, processes, and stores information.
This page on the Palo Alto Networks website provides an overview of the IoT Security product and various materials such as briefs, datasheets, reports, and case studies.
Several articles answer common questions about IoT Security and how it works.
The training course enables you to describe the fundamentals of IoT Security, configure it, and prepare your firewall and logging service to work as part of the IoT Security solution.

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