See a list of FDA recalls for devices on your network.
page lists the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls for devices on your network.
The IoT Security portal only displays the Recalls page when it discovers a device in one of its supported categories of medical IoT imaging devices and infusion systems on the network. The application content version on your firewalls must be 8367-6513 or later to detect healthcare-specific applications and include them in security policy rules.
Recalled Devices
column shows the number of devices on your network that have been recalled, and if the status is open, the manufacturer is still accepting device returns for them.
Each recall identifier links to a URL on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration website with information about the recall. For example, clicking
in the Recall column shown above opens the following webpage.
Whether or not you receive instructions from a manufacturer when a product is recalled, you can open the recall URL to get identifying information such as lot numbers, serial numbers, or version numbers for the recalled devices and learn the manufacturer’s contact information. You can then use these numbers to locate the devices and call or write the manufacturer.

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