Utilization Dashboard

The Utilization dashboard provides quick access to statistics about medical IoT device operations.
When the IoT Security portal theme is Medical IoT Security, you can see the Utilization dashboard. IoT Security gathers utilization statistics and metrics about the medical IoT devices it is monitoring and displays them on this dashboard. You can then leverage this data to minimize device downtime, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and increase revenue through better capital planning. In addition to minimizing downtime and maintenance, you can also use the gathered data to identify unused assets (possibly broken or misplaced) and ensure safe and secure device disposal at the end of the IoT device life cycle.
Make sure the application content version on your firewalls is 8367-6513 or later; that is, the major version, which is identified by the first four digits, is 8367 or above (8368, 8369, 8370, and so on), starting from 8367-6513. These versions include healthcare-specific applications that allow IoT Security to discover medical equipment and provide utilization data. They also allow firewall security policy rules to include healthcare-specific applications.
To view the Utilization dashboard, select
and then choose
from the drop-down list.
The dashboard is organized into two broad sections. At the top is a set of filters for sites, medical IoT device categories, and time ranges that control what appears on the page. Below the filters are information panels that display various types of information about how medical IoT devices are being utilized.
In addition to viewing the dashboard in the IoT Security portal, you can download its data as an Excel spreadsheet. Click the
icon to the right of the top filters, set the filters to include the data you want to save, and then click
IoT Security creates an Excel file with the details you specified on multiple tabs and makes it available for download.

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