Utilization Dashboard Filters

The site, category, and time range filters determine the scope of data shown in the Utilization dashboard.
At the top of the dashboard are filters for sites, medical IoT device categories, a time range (1 week, 1 month, or 3 months), and device profiles. The filters determine the data that appears throughout the dashboard.
: The choice of site filters includes
All Sites
All Connected Sites
(sites with at least one firewall that has sent data to IoT Security within the past 30 minutes),
All Disconnected Sites
(sites where no firewalls have sent data to IoT Security within the past 30 minutes), and one or more individual sites. IoT Security site filters provide great flexibility by letting you combine multiple selections, such as All Connected Sites with one or more individually disconnected sites.
Medical IoT device categories
: The contents of this list are dynamically determined by the devices discovered on your network and are listed in alphabetical order. When you initially navigate to the Utilization dashboard, it uses the filter for whatever device category comes first alphabetically. If you change the category filter, navigate away, and then return to the Utilization dashboard, it remembers your previously chosen filter and continues to use it.
The following are the supported medical IoT device categories that can appear as filters based on whether such devices are found on your network:
  • CT scanner
  • Infusion System
  • MRI Machine
  • Nuclear-Medicine Imager
  • PET Scanner
  • UltraSound Machine
  • X-Ray Machine
Time range
: The time range filters for the Utilization dashboard consist of 1 Week, 1 Month, and 3 Months, referring to the last seven days, last 30 days, or last 90 days. When you initially navigate to the Utilization dashboard, it inherits the time filter set on another page or dashboard. If the time filter is not 1 Week, 1 Month, or 3 Months, the inherited filter is still displayed but the contents on the dashboard are set for 1 month, and “1 Month” appears to the right of the Utilization dashboard title.
Together with the filters for sites and medical IoT device categories, the time filter determines the scope of data in the information panels. However, the device total shown in the device profile filter is always for the past year regardless of the time range filter.
Device profiles
: Below the page title and top filters bar is a panel with the total number of medical IoT devices in the selected device category during the past year and the device profiles within that category to which devices belong. These profiles are additional filters that allow you to zoom in on utilization details from the broader device category level to individual device profiles.
By default, the Utilization dashboard displays device profiles in order from those with the most devices to those with the least. To list them alphabetically, click
Device Number
Profile Name
In addition, the Utilization dashboard displays data for all device profiles within the category encompassing them by default. To filter it further, select a device profile.

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