Learn about Security Alerts

There are several ways to learn that a security alert occurred.
There are several ways to learn about security alerts. IoT Security can automatically notify you by text and email, depending on the methods you enable in your account preferences. Even if you don’t have alert notifications enabled, you might still be notified when another user assigns you an alert for investigation. Finally, you can learn of alerts in the IoT Security portal itself by checking the Alerts section on the Dashboard, hovering over device names on the Devices page, and by viewing the Security Alerts page.
A way to learn about alerts in the IoT Security portal is in the Alerts section on the Dashboard. All the items are clickable. Clicking one of them opens the
Security Alerts
page with a filter applied to show only the alerts matching the item you clicked.
When you hover your cursor over a device name on the Devices page, the IoT Security portal displays a pop-up panel with information about the device, including a list of alerts if there are any. Clicking one of the alert names opens the Alert Details page for it.
Click the name of an alert to open the Alert Details page in a new browser window.

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