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    HIP Notification
Select the
HIP Notification
tab to define the notification messages that end users see when a security rule with a host information profile (HIP) is enforced.
These options are available only if you created HIP Profiles and added them to your security policies.
GlobalProtect Agent HIP Notification Configuration Settings
HIP Notification
HIP Notifications and configure the options. You can
notifications for the
Match Message
, the
Not Match Message
, or both and then specify whether to
Show Notification As
System Tray Balloon
or a
Pop Up Message
. Then specify the message to match or not match.
Use these settings to notify the end user about the state of the machine, such as a warning message that the host system does not have a required application installed. For the Match Message, you can also enable the option to
Include Mobile App List
to indicate what applications triggered the HIP match.
You can format HIP notification messages in rich HTML, which can include links to external web sites and resources. Click hyperlink ( ) in the rich text settings toolbar to add links.

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