Known Issues in OpenConfig Plugin 1.1.0


For OpenConfig telemetry when using the openconfig-bgp model, the sample interval has a delay of approximately 5 seconds.


When using the openconfig-interfaces model, a Delete operation on a GRE tunnel resets the configuration instead of deleting the configuration. For example:


When using the openconfig-network-instance model, address objects are not supported with policy forwarding.


When using the openconfig-system, setting system nodes with a JSON file may cause NTP errors on PA-3XXX Series firewalls.


When using the openconfig-zones model, the deletion of an empty-zone trigger a PAN-OS commit.


When using the openconfig-network-instances model, a get that uses a key at the network-instance level but specifies a key in the child containers could fail if the specified key does not exist in all network-instances. For example a get request on the path /network-instances/network-instance/policy-forwarding/policies/policy[policy-id=Example] on a named policy-id returns
data not found for forwarding-policy 'default' (network-instances:policies)
if example doesn’t exist at on all network-instances.


For the openconfig-network-instances model, doing a get on network-instance/protocols/protocol returns the connect protocol, but this protocol can’t be set. The get output returns:
{ "default-metric": 0, "enabled": true, "identifier": "DIRECTLY_CONNECTED", "name": "connect" }


For the openconfig-network-instances model, performing a get on an interface for the network instances model for a main interface returns with a 0 subinterface, for example: Ethernet1/4.0. The set request is accepted without subinterface 0, for example: Ethernet1/4


For the openconfig-hagroups model, Active/Active mode is returned in the get response, although only Active/Passive mode is currently supported.


For the openconfig-bgp model, doing a delete at
causes a failed commit. To delete a BGP configuration, you must both delete the BGP instance and then disable it.


Doing a get using the
wildcard returns only config leaf-nodes.


When using the openconfig-components model, the subscribe request returns components with 2 back slashes, for example:
Slot1(Temperature @ Front Left[U62\\]


Subscribe requests don’t support JSON_IETF outputs.


When using the openconfig-network-instances model, the path under protocols/protocol can’t be filtered based on name and identifier. For example: Doing a get on protocols/protocol[name=bgp][identifier=BGP]/static-routes returns all nodes specified for both BGP and static-routes.


When using the openconfig-network-instances model, doing a get at /network-instances/network-instance[name=*]/tables doesn’t return IPV6 address families for BGP configurations.


When using the openconfig-ha model, setting the management interface for the path /ha-groups/ha-group/control-link returns an error.


When using the openconfig-ha model, you can’t configure an IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for management interfaces.


when using the openconfig-ha model, deletion of ha-group/control-link and ha-group/data-link is not supported.


When using the openconfig-routing-policy model, only IPv4 type IP addresses are supported.


When using the openconfig-bgp model, the get response for /bgp/neighbors/neighbor/config(state)/peer-as is always 0 for an IPv6 IBGP peer.

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