Known Issues in Panorama Plugin for Cisco ACI 1.0.0

The following list describes known issues in the Panorama plugin for Cisco ACI 1.0.0.


The Panorama plugin for Cisco ACI stops monitoring if it requests more memory than Panorama allocates to plugins. If you do not allocate enough memory to your Panorama, you might encounter this issue.
Log in to the Panorama CLI and execute the command
request plugins reset-plugin only plugin plugin-name cisco
. This command restarts the plugin and releases the memory used by the plugin. To avoid this issue in the future, increase the memory of your Panorama. Allocate additional memory to your Panorama virtual appliance to avoid this issue in the future.


The Panorama plugin for Cisco ACI requires Panorama 8.1.6 or later. However, you can install the plugin on older versions of Panorama 8.1.x. When installed on 8.1.0 to 8.1.5, the plugin cannot be configured.
Upgrade Panorama to 8.1.6 or later.


The plugin does not immediately process new monitoring definitions after you configure and commit them under
Cisco ACI
Monitoring Definitions
. Instead, the monitoring definition must complete the configured monitoring interval before it begins processing the new monitoring definition. For example, if the monitoring interval is set to 10 minutes, the monitoring definition status will update after 10 minutes.
Cisco ACI
Monitoring Definition
and click
Synchronize Dynamic Objects
to force Panorama to sync with the APIC before the monitoring interval expires.

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