Panorama Plugin for Cisco ACI 2.0.3

You can perform a new deployment of Cisco ACI 2.0.3 on Panorama 9.0 or later. You can also upgrade from Cisco ACI 2.0.x to Cisco ACI 2.0.3. However, if you need to upgrade from Cisco ACI 1.0.0 or Cisco ACI 1.0.1, you will need to upgrade your Panorama to 10.0 or later, and then upgrade the ACI plugin to 2.0.3.
The Panorama plugin for Cisco ACI 2.0.3 addresses one issue. For more information on installing and configuring the Panorama plugin for Cisco ACI 2.0.3, see the VM-Series Deployment Guide for PAN-OS 9.0, PAN-OS 9.1, PAN-OS 10.0, and PAN-OS 10.1.

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