What’s New in the Panorama Plugin for Cisco TrustSec 1.0.1

The Panorama Plugin for Cisco TrustSec 1.0.1 introduces the following enhancements.

Minimum Monitoring Interval

This release lowers the minimum monitoring interval to 10 seconds from 30 seconds, allowing Panorama to retrieve information from your pxGrid server more frequently.

Combined Log Files for the Panorama Plugin for Cisco TrustSec

Log information is now separated into three log files.
  • plugin_cisco_trustsec-sub.log
    —this log file contains the connection logs between Panorama and the pxGrid server, including lost connectivity, reconnection events, retires, and failures.
  • plugin_cisco_trustsec_ret.log
    —this log file contains information pertaining to IP address mapping pulls from the pxGrid server to Panorama.
  • plugin_cisco_trustsec_proc.log
    —this log groups the mapping information from different source per device group.
Additionally, you can combine these log files into a single file using the command
request plugins cisco_trustsec merge-logs

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