Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX 3.0.1

The Panorama plugin for VMware NSX 3.0.1 enables you to manage and secure your NSX-V and NSX-T environments. Plugin 3.0.1 introduces support for the VM-Series Firewall for VMware NSX-T to secure north-south traffic in NSX-T Data Center by attaching the VM-Series firewall to Tier-0 and Tier-1 routers.
Panorama plugin for VMware NSX 3.0.1 requires Panorama 9.0.5. You must upgrade Panorama to 9.0.5 before upgrading the plugin to 3.0.1.
For more information about using the Panorama plugin to deploy the VM-Series firewall on VMware NSX-T or VMware NSX-V, refer to the VM-Series Deployment Guide for PAN-OS 9.0.

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