What’s New in VM-Series Plugin 1.0.12

VM-Series plugin version 1.0.12.
VM-Series plugin version 1.0.12 introduces the following new features.

Additional PAN-OS Custom Metrics
for AWS, Azure and GCP Public Clouds

To augment the custom PAN-OS metrics that the VM-Series firewalls publish to AWS CloudWatch, Azure Insights, and Google Stackdriver, this release adds custom metrics that are useful for debugging or automating scale-up or scale-down events in autoscaling deployments.
  • panSessionConnectionsPerSecond
  • panSessionThroughputKbps
  • panSessionThroughputPps

VM-Series Firewall Startup and Health Logs for AWS

This release provides new logs to support firewall bootup, shutdown, and health status. To view the logs in CloudWatch, you must configure an IAM role that can create log groups and write events to log streams. The new logs make it easier to debug failed deployments or determine when a successful deployment is ready to process traffic.
  • To improve debugging and aid automation, this release adds boot up status updates, and generates status logs in AWS CloudWatch for the following events.
    • Base OS start and network initialization
    • PAN-OS bootstrap
    • PAN-OS start
    • Management interface swap (if applicable)
    • Load license
    • Load content
    • Dataplane processes up, and auto commit
    • Panorama registration, Panorama connected (if applicable)
    • System ready and interfaces up
  • To improve debugging and aid automation, this release generates live health failure updates and periodic updates in AWS CloudWatch, making it easier to set alarms, or program automated responses to health events.

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