Known Issues in VM-Series Plugin 2.1.4

Review the known issues in the VM-Series Plugin 2.1.4.
The following list describes known issues in the VM-Series Plugin 2.1.4.


If you set the number of dataplane cores higher than the number of cores supported by the VM-Series firewall, and you then increase the total number of cores and set the cores, the number of dataplane cores return to the default ratio (3 dataplane to 1 management plane) after reboot.
: After setting the number cores and rebooting the firewall, you must reset the number of dataplane cores.


When setting the number of cores using the init-cfg.txt file for bootstrapping along with authcodes, the VM-Series firewall does not get the serial number and displays incorrect vm-license although the firewall comes up with required amount of cores.
: Do not include both an authcode and the set cores op command in an init-cfg.txt file. Instead, bootstrap with an authcode and manually set the cores using the CLI or set the cores in the init-cfg.txt file and apply the authcode manually.


When you bootstrap the VM-Series firewall with
in the
file, then subsequently update the hostname for the VM-Series firewall, the hostname does not update in the
CloudWatch metrics.
To change the hostname after boot up, use one of the following methods to prevent the firewall from accepting the hostname sent by the DHCP server:
  • CLI command:
  • init-cfg.txt
    file: Remove
    , or set


In OCI, if you assign secondary IP addresses to HA interfaces, those IP addresses are incorrectly moved to the passive HA peer in the event of a failover.

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