Incidents and Alerts: Prisma Access
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Incidents and Alerts: Prisma Access

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Incidents and Alerts: Prisma Access

Learn about incidents and alerts in Prisma Access.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access (Managed by Strata Cloud Manager)
  • Prisma Access (Managed by Panorama)
  • AI-Powered ADEM
  • ADEM Observability
  • Prisma Access
Incidents & Alerts
Prisma Access Incidents & Alerts
to get started. The Incidents and Alerts available in your environment depend on your licenses.

Get an Overview

See an Overview of Incidents and Alerts information related to your Prisma Access environment. The Incidents and Alerts available in your environment depend on your licenses.

See All Incidents

View the Incident List, which shows all incidents in your environment. Use the
Add Filter
drop-down to select Incidents by the columns in the table (you can filter on more than one). From within the table, select any
to view its detailed information.

View Priority Alerts

See Priority Alerts, which describe the status of your Prisma Access environment.

View Informational Alerts

View Informational Alerts, which notify you about upcoming software upgrades and status for upgrades that are in progress or completed.

Notification Profiles

From Notification Profiles, you can view information about
Notification Subscriptions
and create a new or modify an existing
Notification Profile

ServiceNow Audit Log

If you're using ServiceNow, you can review the ServiceNow Audit Log, which shows you each ServiceNow
Incident ID
. It also shows you the ServiceNow operations performed on each Incident, such as Create, Update, and Delete.

Incident Settings

From Incident Settings, you can customize the incidents you receive by Incident category and Incident code.

Incidents and Alerts by Code

View incidents and alerts by their code IDs, understand the problems and issues they describe, and find out how to remediate them. Incidents and alerts are categorized by license:
For information about Incidents and Alerts, see the Incidents and Alerts Reference Guide.
For information about ServiceNow integration, see Integrate ServiceNow with Prisma Access in the
Integrations Guide

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