Advanced WildFire

The cloud-delivered WildFire® malware analysis service uses data and threat intelligence from the industry’s largest global community, and applies advanced analysis to automatically identify unknown threats and stop attackers in their tracks.

What's New

17 January  2024 New WildFire regional cloud: WildFire South Korea Cloud
02 November 2023 The Advanced WildFire license now provides access to cloud-based ML detection engines that provide inline analysis of PE (portable executable) files traversing your network to detect and prevent advanced malware in real-time.
31 July 2023 New WildFire regional cloud: WildFire Qatar Cloud
30 June 2023 New WildFire regional cloud: WildFire France Cloud
26 May 2023 New WildFire regional cloud: WildFire Taiwan Cloud
28 April 2023 New WildFire regional cloud: WildFire Indonesia Cloud
21 March 2023 New WildFire regional cloud: WildFire Poland Cloud
30 January 2023 New WildFire regional cloud: WildFire Switzerland Cloud
17 November 2022 Advanced WildFire is a new subscription offering from Palo Alto Networks that provides access to Intelligent Run-time Memory Analysis, a cloud-based, advanced analysis engine that complements existing static, and dynamic analysis engines, to detect and prevent evasive malware threats.
For more information refer to: Advanced WildFire Support for Intelligent Run-time Memory Analysis

WildFire® What's New Guide

Learn all about the latest features in WildFire, the Palo Alto Networks malware analysis service. Here you'll everything new that we've been working on for the WildFire cloud, WildFire appliances, and even updates to Palo Alto Networks firewalls that provide inline detection and enforcement for the malware that WildFire identifies. You'll also find a list of open issues that we're working on to improve your WildFire experience.

WildFire API Reference

The WildFire™ API extends the malware detection capabilities of WildFire through a RESTful XML-based API. Using the WildFire API, you can automate the submission of files and links to WildFire or a WildFire appliance for analysis, and to query WildFire for verdicts, samples, and reports.

Preventing Successful Attacks with WildFire

Antivirus Profile WildFire Decoder Actions (BPA+)

WildFire and Threat Prevention: How to Stop the Adversary

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