Use the WildFire Portal to Monitor Malware

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • PAN-OS
  • Prisma Access
  • Advanced WildFire License
    For Prisma Access, this is usually included with your Prisma Access license.
Log in to the Palo Alto Networks WildFire portal using your Palo Alto Networks support credentials or your WildFire account. The portal opens to display the dashboard, which lists summary report information for all of the firewalls associated with the specific WildFire subscription or support account. For each device listed, the portal displays statistics for the number of malware samples that have been detected, benign samples that have been analyzed, and the number of pending files that are waiting to be analyzed. Your WildFire portal account displays data for all samples submitted by firewalls on your network that are connected to the WildFire public cloud, as well as data for samples manually submitted to the portal. Additionally, if you have enabled a WildFire appliance to forward malware to the WildFire public cloud for signature generation and distribution, reports for those malware samples can also be accessed on the portal.
See the following sections for details on using the WildFire portal to monitor WildFire activity:

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