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request wf-content

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request wf-content

Perform content updates on a WildFire appliance. These content updates equip the appliance with the most up-to-date threat information for accurate malware detection and improve the appliance's ability to differentiate the malicious from the benign. To schedule content updates to install automatically, see set deviceconfig system update-schedule and to delete content updates on the WildFire appliance, see delete wildfire-metadata.

Hierarchy Location



request wf-content { downgrade install {previous | <value>}; upgrade { check download latest info install { file <filename> version latest; } } }


> downgrade
— Installs a previous content version. Use the previous option to install the previously installed content package or enter a value to downgrade to a specific content package number.
> upgrade
— Performs content upgrade functions
> check
— Obtain information on available content packages from the Palo Alto Networks Update Server
> download
— Download a content package
> info
— Show information about available content packages
> install
— Install a content package
> file
— Specify the name of the file containing the content package
> version
— Download or upgrade based on the version number of the content package

Sample Output

To list available content updates, run the following command:
request wf-content upgrade check
Version Size Released on Downloaded Installed ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-217 58MB 2014/07/29 13:04:55 PDT yes current 2-188 58MB 2014/07/01 13:04:48 PDT yes previous 2-221 59MB 2014/08/02 13:04:55 PDT no no

Required Privilege Level

superuser, deviceadmin

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