set wildfire portal-admin

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set wildfire portal-admin

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set wildfire portal-admin


Sets the portal admin account password that an administrator will use to view WildFire analysis reports generated by a WildFire appliance. The account name (admin) and password is required when viewing the report on the firewall or from Panorama in
WildFire Submissions
View WildFire Report
. The default username and password is admin/admin.
The portal admin account is the only account that you configure on the appliance to view reports from the firewall or Panorama. You cannot create new accounts or change the account name. This is not the same admin account used to manage the appliance.

Hierarchy Location

set wildfire


set { wildfire { portal-admin { password <value>; } }

Sample Output

The following shows the output of this command.
set wildfire portal-admin password
Enter password: Confirm password:

Required Privilege Level

superuser, deviceadmin

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