What Causes a Split-Brain Condition?

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What Causes a Split-Brain Condition?

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What Causes a Split-Brain Condition?

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • WildFire Appliance
  • WildFire License
A split-brain condition is a corrective response to a single node failure of 2-node clusters, in which the WildFire high-availability pair is no longer able to communicate with each other, but still provides limited functionality. While high-availability and load-balancing functionality is no longer available, you can still forward samples to WildFire for analysis. When a split-brain occurs, it is due to one of the following:
  • Hardware issues or a power outage.
  • Network connectivity issues, such as switch/router failures, network flapping, or a network partition.
  • WildFire appliance configuration and connectivity issues.
    Palo Alto Networks recommends using a direct cable connection for the HA1 and the cluster interface link.
  • Unhealthy WildFire node.

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