Onboard Devices to
AIOps for NGFW

Learn how to begin sending data to
AIOps for NGFW
for analysis.
Follow the steps below to use
AIOps for NGFW
with your PAN-OS devices.
If your outbound traffic passes through a proxy, ensure that you have allowed the Domains Required for AIOps for NGFW.
  1. Confirm the device is registered in the Customer Support Portal by logging in to support.paloaltonetworks.com, switch to your account (if necessary), and identify your device in
  2. Install a device certificate on the devices you want to onboard.
  3. Enable telemetry sharing on the devices.
    What happens next depends on whether you have a Cortex Data Lake license.
    Cortex Data Lake license?
    Enabling device telemetry...
    activates a limited Cortex Data Lake instance that only hosts your telemetry data.
    Creating the new instance may take a few hours. You can check progress in
    Manage Apps
    sends telemetry data to your licensed Cortex Data Lake instance without affecting your data quotas.

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