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Convert Trial License to Production

Convert a trial license to a production license using an activation link.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • One of the following trial subscription licenses
    • AIOps for NGFW Premium
    • IoT Security
    • Next-Generation CASB for Prisma Access and NGFW (CASB-X)
  • Activation link for production license activation
  • Multitenant Superuser role
Use the activation link provided by
Palo Alto Networks
to convert your existing trial subscription license to a production license. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to convert both the active trial licenses and to activate the production license for your subscription for unlicensed tenants or devices at the same time.
  1. Purchase the production license or subscription for your product.
    You need to contact your
    Palo Alto Networks
    sales representative to purchase the production license.
  2. Click the activation link to begin the license conversion.
    The activation link is provided to you in an email from
    Palo Alto Networks
    Next-Gen Firewalls
    ) Subscriptions are activated using an activation link only. Contact
    Palo Alto Networks
    Customer Support to continue the license conversion if you receive an email that does not include an activation link for your license conversion, and instead only includes auth codes.
    Do not activate the auth codes on your Next-Gen firewalls. Activating these auth codes may require
    Palo Alto Networks
    Customer Support to delete the trial license you want to convert. In some cases, this may cause your Next-Gen firewall to be restored to factory defaults and delete all existing configurations associated with the subscription.
  3. Follow the activation procedure for your subscription.
    You must select the same tenant where the trial license is active to convert it to a production license. Additionally, you can use the same activation flow to convert trial licenses to production licenses and to activate the production license on tenants or devices with no active license at the same time.

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