New Hardware Introduced with PAN-OS 10.0

Overview of new hardware introduced with PAN-OS® 10.0.
New Hardware
PA-7000 Series Data Processing Card (DPC)
Improve the performance of more resource-heavy security features, such as Threat Prevention and SSL Decryption, by installing the PA-7000-DPC-A. The DPC (data processing card) is a new computing card for the PA-7000 Series firewalls compatible with all prior NPCs. Each DPC adds four additional instances of the PAN-OS data plane, providing 133% of the computing capacity compared to the three data planes on the PA-7000-100G-NPC-A.
PA-3200 Series HA-1 Port Remapping for PAN-OS and Panorama
You now have the choice to map your PA-3200 Series firewall’s copper HA-1 port to one of the firewall’s available fiber SFP ports. The fiber port enables longer distance HA connectivity for use in data centers and provides the same HA-1 port functionality.
1G Transceiver Support on PA-7000-20GQ-NPC and PA-20GQXM-NPC Cards
PAN-OS can now recognize 1G SFP transceivers in PA-7000 Series firewall PA-7000-20GQ-NPC and PA-20GQXM-NPC cards. With this feature, you have more control over SFP connectivity and a choice between a rate of 1G or 10G.
PA-7000-100G-NPC-A Breakout Cable Support
You now have support for the use of SR4 transceivers (PAN-QSFP-40GBASE-SR4 or PAN-QSFP28-100GBASE-SR4) that allow a PA-7000 Series firewall’s QSFP/QSFP+ ports to be configured as four interfaces. When broken out with an appropriate breakout-cable the individual QSFP physical interfaces are able to provide four separate 10G or 25G interfaces.
PA-7000-LFC-A Breakout Cable Support
You now have support for link aggregation on the PA-7000 Series LFC-A cards. With link aggregation, you can breakout the LFC-A’s QSFP+ connection into up to four 10G links in conjunction with the PAN-QSFP-40GBASE-SR4 transceiver and appropriate breakout-cable, providing physical layer redundancy for the firewall’s outgoing connection.

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