IoT Security Features

Learn about new IoT security capabilities in PAN-OS
New IoT Security Feature
IoT Security
The IoT Security solution works with next-generation firewalls to dynamically discover and maintain a real-time inventory of the IoT devices on your network. Through AI and machine-learning algorithms, the IoT Security solution achieves a high level of accuracy, even classifying IoT device types encountered for the first time. And because it’s dynamic, your IoT device inventory is always up to date. IoT Security also provides the automatic generation of policy recommendations to control IoT device traffic, as well as the automatic creation of IoT device attributes for use in firewall policies. Requires an IoT Security subscription.
The firewall can now collect metadata to detect and identify devices on your network and obtain recommendations on how to secure them so you can know what devices are connecting to your networks and use them as match criteria to create adaptive device-based policy rules. In environments with an increasing demand for “bring your own device” (BYOD) support and as more IoT (Internet of Things) devices connect to networks, detecting and securing these devices becomes increasingly difficult. By correlating network events with specific devices and providing actionable insights about them, Device-ID can quickly identify the source device for network incidents and help you create a responsive and comprehensive security policy.

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