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WildFire Features

Learn about all the exciting new WildFire
capabilities in PAN-OS
New WildFire Feature
Inline ML
The firewall is now capable of analyzing Windows executables and PowerShell scripts using machine learning on the dataplane. This enables you to intercept malware before it can infiltrate your network by providing real-time analysis capabilities on the firewall, which reduces the possibility of proliferation of unknown malware variants.
Real-Time Signature Updates
WildFire antivirus signatures are now globally distributed in real-time as soon as new verdicts are available. This gives you almost instant access to Palo Alto Networks complete global intelligence data that is collected from a multitude of enforcement points and that provides additional leverage for preventing successful attacks by minimizing your exposure time to malicious activity, which effectively reduces your infrastructure attack surface and the resulting damage malware can have within your network.
IPv6 Address Support for the WildFire Appliance
The WildFire appliance now supports IPv6 connections, expanding the number of devices from which it can receive suspicious files and return safety verdicts. As the dwindling number of available IPv4 addresses forces you to introduce more IPv6-addressed devices in to your network, this feature guarantees you are still able to leverage the local file analysis capabilities of the appliance.
Windows 10 Analysis Environment for the WildFire Appliance
The WildFire appliance can now use the Windows 10 operating system to analyze unknown files. This increases the threat prevention coverage of the appliance by enabling it to detect threats crafted for Windows 10 environments.

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