WildFire Inline ML

The WildFire inline ML option present in the Antivirus profile enables the firewall dataplane to apply machine learning on PowerShell scripts, PE (portable executable), and ELF (executable and linked format) files in real-time. This layer of antivirus protection complements the WildFire-based signatures to provide extended coverage for files of which signatures do not already exist. Each inline ML model dynamically detects malicious files of a specific type by evaluating file details, including decoder fields and patterns, to formulate a high probability classification of a file. This protection extends to currently unknown as well as future variants of threats that match characteristics that Palo Alto Networks has identified as malicious. To keep up with the latest changes in the threat landscape, inline ML models are added or updated via content releases. Before you can enable WildFire inline ML, you must possess an active WildFire subscription.
Inline ML-based protection can also be enabled to detect malicious URLs in real-time as part of your URL Filtering configuration. For more information, refer to: URL Filtering Inline ML
WildFire inline ML is not supported on the VM-50 or VM50L virtual appliance.

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