DNS64 Server

If you need to use a DNS and you want to perform NAT64 translation using IPv6-Initiated Communication, you must use a third-party DNS64 server or other DNS64 solution that is set up with the Well-Known Prefix or your NSP. When an IPv6 host attempts to access an IPv4 host or domain on the internet, the DNS64 server queries an authoritative DNS server for the IPv4 address mapped to that host name. The DNS server returns an Address record (A record) to the DNS64 server containing the IPv4 address for the host name.
The DNS64 server in turn converts the IPv4 address to hexadecimal and encodes it into the appropriate octets of the IPv6 prefix it is set up to use (the Well-Known Prefix or your NSP) based on the prefix length, which results in an IPv4-Embedded IPv6 Address. The DNS64 server sends an AAAA record to the IPv6 host that maps the IPv4-embedded IPv6 address to the IPv4 host name.

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