The ND Cache in NPTv6 Example

In the above example, multiple peers connect to the firewall though a switch, with ND occurring between the peers and the switch, between the switch and the firewall, and between the firewall and the devices on the trust side.
As the firewall learns of peers, it saves their addresses to its ND cache. Trusted peers FDDA:7A3E::1, FDDA:7A3E::2, and FDDA:7A3E::3 are connected to the firewall on the trust side. FDDA:7A3E::99 is the untranslated address of the firewall itself; its public-facing address is 2001:DB8::99. The addresses of the peers on the untrust side have been discovered and appear in the ND cache: 2001:DB8::1, 2001:DB8::2, and 2001:DB8::3.

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