The NDP Proxy in NPTv6 Example

In our scenario, we want the firewall to act as NDP Proxy for the prefixes on devices behind the firewall. When the firewall is NDP Proxy for a specified set of addresses/ranges/prefixes, and it sees an address from this range in an ND solicitation or advertisement, the firewall will respond as long as a device with that specific address doesn’t respond first, the address is not negated in the NDP proxy configuration, and the address is not in the ND cache. The firewall does the prefix translation (described below) and sends the packet to the trust side, where that address might or might not be assigned to a device.
In this example, the ND Proxy table contains the network address 2001:DB8::0. When the interface sees an ND for 2001:DB8::100, no other devices on the L2 switch claim the packet, so the proxy range causes the firewall to claim it, and after translation to FDD4:7A3E::100, the firewall sends it out to the trust side.

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