End-of-Life (EoL)

Panorama Features

PAN-OS 9.0 introduces the following new Panorama features:
New Panorama Feature
Master Key Deployment from Panorama™
When you need to change the default master key used to encrypt sensitive elements in the configuration, you can now deploy a master key to firewalls, Log Collectors, and WildFire appliances from Panorama. In a large-scale deployment, managing the master key centrally from Panorama ensures a uniform master key deployment and provides visibility into the status of the operation.
Device Management Capacity Enhancement
Scale up all your Panorama capabilities to manage up to 5,000 firewalls, using M-600 appliances or similarly resourced Panorama virtual appliances. This enhancement allows you to leverage all the benefits of centralization while utilizing the logging, reporting, device health monitoring, device deployment, and configuration management capabilities of Panorama for a larger number of firewalls. For example, if you are managing 3,500 firewalls using four Panorama appliances, you can now consolidate to a single Panorama appliance for managing your firewalls to ease the operational burden and reduce your management footprint.
Granular Configuration Management of Device Groups and Templates
In order to troubleshoot configuration errors, you can now perform operations such as export, revert, save, import, and load at a device group and template level. For example, this granularity allows you to independently revert or load the configuration of the firewalls within your access domain without impacting changes other administrators have made.
Streamlined Device Onboarding
Panorama enables simplified onboarding of new firewalls by allowing you to assign them to device groups, templates, collector groups, or Log Collectors during the initial deployment. You can also elect to automatically push the configuration to firewalls when the firewalls initially connect to Panorama. Using this onboarding workflow, you can ensure that new firewalls are immediately configured and ready to secure your network.
VM-Series Plugin
The VM-Series plugin manages integration with public and private clouds, allowing Palo Alto Networks to release bug fixes, new features, or new cloud integrations, independent of a PAN-OS
Panorama 9.0 supports the VM-Series plugin and supplies the compatible version, but does not install it automatically. Install the plugin if you have VM-Series cloud integrations and you want to use Panorama to manage them centrally.

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